Our story

We started Veggie Picks in 2013, after realizing that a small website to find veggie-friendly restaurants could be made much better and useful than the big guys — Yelp included.

Here you get easy, quick access to lists of the restaurants in town, and hope that you will get inspired to try and discover many of them. Whether you are looking for the best veggie burger, a nice place for a romantic night, or a healthy snack, we got you covered.

Our mission

Making the world more vegetarian-friendly, one restaurant at a time.

We believe that putting in the spotlight restaurants with well thought-out vegetarian or vegan menus will entice all places to improve the quality and number of veggie dishes. Use this website, and tell restaurants about Veggie Picks. They will soon realize that being liked by the vegan and vegetarian communities (and adding a few more vegan dishes to their menu) is good for them, too.

Contact & Feedback

We love to get in touch with our users! If you have any questions, ideas, recommendations: drop us a line! We will do everything we can to respond to you quickly.
contact@veggiepicks.com, or thibaut@veggiepicks.com