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Our Organic, live, vegan and gluten free cuisine is delicious and served with all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact. Just the way nature intended. Much more than salads, our menu is a delight for everyone... vegan and non-vegan alike and, if you're sensitive to dairy or gluten you'll be astounded with our amazing dessert selections all dairy, gluten and sugar free. Come indulge in real food.

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"I ordered the coconut kale enchiladas. These babies were the BOMB! I liked them way better than the enchiladas at Daily Juice in Austin and I thought those were great. The enchilada wrapper just melted in your mouth, the kale was massaged with avocado and spiced to perfection and the sauces were just perfect. Green and red salsa on the side as well! Just about the best thing ever!!"

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